Friday, 15 July 2011

Using Microsoft Expression Encoder to put Windows Phone videos on YouTube

This post will show you how to use the free version of Microsoft Expression Encoder to upload a video of the windows phone emulator to YouTube.

First grab the Expression Encoder from the following link:

Once installed, fire up the screen capture utility which can be found in the start menu.

Hit the options icon in Expression Encoder. I like to set mine to 60 fps, but you can play around with these to see what gets you the balance between quality and size.

Next you need to run your app and hit the beg red record button in Expression Encoder. You should get a red selection screen to allow you to select the windows phone emulator.

You should then be able to record the emulator action. When you've finished hit the stop button to bring up all your recordings. Select the 'Send to Encoder' button in the lower right corner.

 Once it's in the encoder you can trim bits off it and insert snippets etc. Once you're happy we need to encode the video. Select File -> Encode

After your video is encoded log in to YouTube and upload it.

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