Monday, 20 June 2011

Advertising Revenue from a Windows Phone Game

This post is primairly focused on my second game Apple Bin. It's free, check it out here: zune link

Apple Bin for windows phone has been out for about a month now and going great. This is a free ad supported game using aldarIT’s excellent superads control to display ads. This control allows you to maximise fill rate by specifying an order in which to try and display ads from multiple providers.

Currently I’m using Smaato and AdMob as my main providers. I think using more than this is potentially a bit of overkill, even now my primary ad network is doing a good job of serving ads. I still desperately want to use the Microsoft Ad control but for now this just isn't an option as it's only open to US residents.

Anyway, on to the nitty gritty here are the numbers so far.

Ad Requests Served Ads Fillrate CTR eCPM Revenue
886,237 590,322 66.61% 1.98% $1.29 $742.84

Overall I'm happy with these results, fill rate could be higher but i've had my secondary ad providers picking up the slack.

I’ve put out 3 patches so far with the first couple focusing on bugs and stability and the third with expanding the content and improving the performance. You can see the spike in served ads after it was released on the 17th. I think this falls in line with Elbert Perez’s blog posts about ad supported software being more in line with a service rather than a product.


  1. I tried out your game; it's pretty nice. My kids love it. I'm in Canada, is it normal that I've never seen a single ad?

  2. Thanks for the comments :) In terms of the ads the fill rate is only 66% so there's a lot of ad requests that aren't getting served. So you're one of the lucky ones :)